TIME x Deepak: The 7 Collection Launch

January 17 2023

Karma – Maalavidaa

TIMEPieces x Deepak Chopra: The Seven Collection powered by Artifex and Seva.Love celebrates his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and spotlights 73 NFT artists who created unique book covers on its 25th Anniversary. The NFT edition features unique content from Chopra fully readable on the blockchain.

The collection features seven Artifex 3D sculptures and Unreal worlds based on each of the book’s chapters designed in tandem with seven legendary artists: 

  1. Pure Potentiality – Josh Pierce
    Take time to be silent and meditate, to commune with nature and judge nothing. 
  1. Giving & Receiving – Shavonne Wong
    Giving and receiving is a cycle that we must feed by giving to all those around us (a compliment, a prayer, goodwill) and receiving the gifts that life gives us with gratitude. 
  1. Karma – Maalavidaa
    Be conscious of the choices you make & their consequences, and whether they bring joy to you and those around you. Allow your inner sense of comfort or discomfort with choices to guide your decisions. 
  1. Least Effort – Storm
    Accept things as they are, not as you wish they were. Realize that everything is as it should be. Do not blame anyone or anything (including yourself) for anything. Do not feel the need to defend your point of view or convince others.
  1. Intention & Desire – Blake Kathryn 
    Think about what you want in life. Realize that even when you don’t get your way, it will work out better for you in the end. Be aware of the present and do not allow problems to take your attention from it. 
  1. Detachment – Chewy Stoll
    Detach yourself from needing to control everything and simply allow things to be as they are. Recognize that you must accept uncertainty and lack of control in life. Do not be too attached to your desired outcomes, allow things to happen organically. 
  1. Dharma – J.N. Silva
    Pursue self-actualization. Nurture your talents & creativity. Serve those around you with love.

Detachment – Chewy Stoll

Collection Details

  • Collection total: 2,400 ERC-721 tokens. 
  • 73 artists created unique cover art (max. 30 tokens of each cover – 1 red / 29 white borders). 
  • There are seven (7) Artifex 3D sculptures (max. 30 pieces each). 
  • Each piece will cost .077 ETH to mint (limit 3 per wallet).

Mint Details 

  • All Artifex collectors have been added to the allow list!
  • Max allow list mint: 3 pieces per wallet
  • Mint price is 0.077 ETH

Allow list mint

  • Allow list registrants are eligible to mint starting January 19, 2023
  • The presale list includes red border Genesis and those on Seva.Love, Artifex and several other partner allow lists. 
  • These lists guarantee the ability to mint during the presale window, but minting is still first come, first served.

Public Mint

  • The collection opens to the public for mint on January 21, 2023.

The full collection includes work by artists from six different continents across five various artistic mediums. The collection is described as a “connection between the power of art and the power and potential of human beings.” 

TIMEPieces x Deepak Chopra: The Seven Collection is the sixth TIMEPieces collection to date. With a focus on nurturing community, one percent of primary sales for the Collection will go to NeverAlone Mental Health Initiative, which supports web3 mental wellbeing programs.

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