The Artifex Project is a historical time capsule of the digital art NFT space.

The Artifex Project features 100 epic NFT artists: 1/1 artworks, 3D sculptures & immersive art experiences. Our mission is to find, retain, and preserve the substance of fine digital art. We aim to honor the NFT space through consideration of all groups that meet at its intersection: artists, collectors, builders, fans - the entire community.

100 digital artists are honored within the project.



Over 10,000 NFTs


10 Unique Waves


Dozens of Unreal Worlds


Over 750 Collectors

Original 1/1

The Artifex project begins with a question: how do you see yourself in a piece of art? Each artist responds with an original artwork - their representation of self. This becomes the Original 1/1 NFT.

Original 1/1

Limited 3D Edition

The metaphorical self-portrait steps out of the original artwork into virtual immortality as the Artifex. The 3D sculpture is metaverse-optimized and travel-ready across AR, VR, and more. Each Artifex is a /100 NFT.

Limited 3D Edition

Artifex Unreal

Get inside the artist's universe with Artifex Unreal. Immersive worlds built in Unreal Engine 5 are inspired by the artist 1/1, the Artifex 3D sculpture, and each artist's body of work. This is the future of experiencing art.


Virtual Galleries

Artifex NFTs are enabled for virtual galleries including OnCyber and RareRooms. Collect and unlock a custom-designed RareRooms gallery to showcase five (5) 3D sculptures at once. Artifex 3D NFTs are optimized for display utility, are AR & VR-friendly, and ready to travel throughout the metaverse.


Custom Assets

Share Artifex everywhere with digital assets inspired by the artwork. Connect your MetaMask wallet at Artifex.art to access your goodie bag including 3D file .glb, Artifex video .mp4, custom Twitter banner and profile picture (PFP) .jpgs

In Collaboration with DurkAtWork

Durk van der Meer, Art Director at Artifex, is a masterful digital artist and world builder. He designs each Artifex 3D sculpture in direct partnership with the artist, creating a metaverse-optimized artifact for the digital fine art renaissance. Durk meticulously crafts each artwork for ease of implementation across AR, VR, virtual galleries, and ready for future use cases.


Artists are grouped together by waves. These waves help shape and provide structure to the Artifex Project.

Wave 1


The Family represents the spirit of the NFT space: the collaboration, the community, the positivity. This group of talented artists rose up on Instagram and beyond, forged digital and real world relationships, and blazed trails both together and individually.

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Wave 2

Digital Icons

Digital Icons represent experience within digital art. Their diverse origins spread across art collectives, brands, games, physical art, and photography. Their clear commonality: innovation and leadership in the NFT space.

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