The Artifex Project


Digital art is the future.
Blockchain enables a Renaissance.
NFTs are the canvas.
Artists add color to our world.
They are the catalysts who light and lead the way.

What is The Artifex Project?

The Artifex Project is a historical time capsule of the digital art NFT space. As everyone – for good reason – looks to enter the NFT space, it asks: who built it?

How Many Artists?

100 digital artists are honored within the project.

Artist waves provide structure. An example is The Family, representing the community, collaboration, and spirit of the NFT space.

What Is the Original Artwork?

Each artist creates a metaphorical self-portrait: a humanoid, animal, or object representation of self. It answers the question: how do you see yourself in a piece of art? 

This original artwork is a 1/1 NFT, which will be auctioned.

What Is an Artifex?

The Artifex is a 3D sculpture of each artist’s work, created by art director DurkAtWork. The character steps out of the original artwork into 3D virtual immortality. The sculpture is timeless and has a roadmap for metaverse-compatibility, AR filters, and more.

Each is a /100 NFT, 67 of which are available as editions.

(The remaining 33 are withheld for gifts, project partners, and a future project index fund.)

What Comes With an Artifex?

Limited Edition 3D sculptures come with a collector goodie bag, accessible when you connect your MetaMask wallet via the Artifex interface.

Goodie bags include:

3D file .glb

Artifex video .mp4

Alternate-look Avatar pfp .jpg

We continue to build out these collector goodie bags as the project progresses.

Artifex 1/1 collectors receive the artist’s Limited Edition 3D sculpture complimentary.

Each Artifex sculpture is accompanied by your own custom gallery room, via project partner RareRooms. These spaces are designed specifically for the project.

Each gallery room is accessible via a link on mobile, web, and ultimately VR. Each allows for the showcase of 5 artwork NFTs, as well as 5 3D NFTs. Once you possess a room, you are able to showcase not only your Artifex but other NFTs you own via a simple interface.

What Is The Artifex Project Origin Story?

Interacting with artists, collectors, investors, builders, and community in the latter stages of 2020, it felt like history in the making. The NFT space began its parabolic rise and digital art as a whole surged forward.

With deserved attention comes noise: some good, some bad, some in between. It’s the natural evolution of an exploding marketplace, one that inspired a Renaissance.

The mission of The Artifex Project became finding, retaining, and preserving the substance. What made it special in the first place? Sift through short-term noise. Find long-term signal.

While any project has a constraint – in this case 100 artists – the mission is to honor the NFT digital art space as a whole and consider all groups that meet at its intersection: from collector to community to metaverse builder and beyond.

The Artifex Project continuously explores ways to benefit the space. Initial efforts included an all-access logo commission and NYC takeover, but things are just beginning.

Project Considerations

  • Community: From an early decision to work with Animus, an artist-collective “dedicated to advancing the future of the NFT/Crypto space”, to a compass that informs future decisions, the project is here to build.
  • Smart Contracts: A historical time capsule begins at contract level. On-chain metadata and beyond is among industry best.
  • Website UX: An artist first project needs artist first pages. A home is created for each artist, complete with NFT collections, selected works, press links, and beyond.
  • Edition Count: There is a fine line between too few and too many. In this case, the original artwork retains 1/1 status, while the Artifex 3D reaches 67 collectors. 
  • Utility: 3D Artifex files have a roadmap to travel across metaverses, filters, and beyond. The possibilities are endless, and the sculpture travels with the direction of the space.
  • Pricing: Market consideration – and a balance between primary and secondary – is important. The project engages in real numbers-based conversations with Manifold, and decisions are made with the collector and long-term in mind.
  • Purchasing: The project website is integrated with OpenSea, giving a collector two places to purchase: via the Artifex.Art interface or OpenSea directly.