The Artifex Team

Artifex brings together an extended team of partners and artists—coming together to propel the NFT world.


Roger's pick: Filip Hodas

Roger Dickerman

Roger Dickerman (RD) is the Founder of Artifex. He is a collector, strategist and host of NFT Origin Stories podcast.
Durk's pick: Victor Mosquera

Durk van der Meer

Art Director
Durk van der Meer is Art Director at Artifex, as well as Aku. He is a virtual world builder, creating immersive levels and legendary characters.
Justin's pick: Robbie Trevino

Justin Wetch

Art Interaction Director
Justin Wetch is Art Interaction Director at Artifex. He leads development in Artifex Unreal, crafting custom immersive art experiences, and designs & develops the Artifex Viewer app.
Chewy's pick: Billelis

Chewy Stoll

Art Interaction Director
Chewy Stoll is Art Interaction Director at Artifex. He is one of Artifex’ 100 trailblazing artists and builds out each incredible world in Unreal Engine 5.
Allison's pick: parrott_ism

Allison Joy

Project Manager
Allison Joy is Project Manager at Artifex. With more than a decade of experience building multi-million dollar businesses, she brings expertise in finance, human resources, and administration to the team.
Keegan's pick: Aeforia

Keegan Westervelt

Project Manager
Keegan Westervelt is Project Manager at Artifex. What began as a passion for curating Discord servers quickly turned into a career focused on NFT project strategy and uplifting the voices of artists.
Laith's pick: Defaced

Laith Safa

Graphic Designer
Laith Safa is Graphic Designer at Artifex. An experienced art director and NFT creator, Laith designs stunning visuals to share the story of Artifex.
John's pick: FVCKRENDER

John Ward

John Ward is Developer at Artifex. He is an expert when it comes to minting and listing NFTs and smart contracts.
Patrick's pick: Justin Maller

Patrick James

Strategic Advisor
Patrick James is Strategic Advisor at Artifex. He is an early adopter of NFT/blockchain technology seasoned in the execution of growth strategies and user experience in Web3.