The Parabolic Rise of Artifex

August 31 2021

Congratulations on a HUGE week for Artifex artists, collectors, and the NFT community as a whole!

The Run Up

Defaced brought BIG energy as the first artist of our next Wave – The Future!

It was obvious something was brewing right before Defaced debuted his 1/1 original self portrait NFT, Blue Me (pictured above). Just a few minutes before it launched, we witnessed Billelis’ Limited Edition 3D sculptures completely sell out.

Blue Me – 1/1 NFT by Defaced
The momentum was building and the legendary Defaced nearly broke the internet. Bidding kicked off right from the jump and 3D sculptures lasted only minutes on the primary market. Secondary sales saw 7.5x increases immediately which led to a run on many other Artifex pieces. 15 artists have now completely sold out of Limited Edition 3D sculptures.

Auction Action

By the close of the exciting weekend, 5 auctions had been decided and 1 was still underway.

Maalavidaa – Twin Flame collected by 888

xsullo – Hard Swallow collected by Iki_jima

Defaced – Blue Me collected by FVCKRENDER

Blake Kathryn – Awakening collected by Chris B.

Filip Hodas – Ferdinand collected by iki_jima

1/1 Original Artwork

Eight Artifex 1/1 originals remain with reserve bids still unmet: 

  1. Sylvain – toomuchlag
  2. Confront – Aeforia
  3. And the beak goes on – Gavin Shapiro
  4. Momentum – mbsjq
  5. Raziel, Angel of Mysteries – Peter Mohrbacher
  6. Infinite – Robbie Trevino
  7. Life You Make – ThankYouX
  8. Imperfect Perfection – BakaArts

Reserve bid: 9 ETH
View Piece

Reserve bid: 7.5 ETH
View Piece

Gavin Shapiro
And the beak goes on
Reserve bid: 5 ETH
View Piece

Reserve bid: 20 ETH
View Piece

Peter Mohrbacher
Raziel, Angel of Mysteries
Reserve bid: 10 ETH
View Piece

Robbie Trevino
Reserve bid: 10 ETH
View Piece

Life You Make
Reserve Bid: 20 ETH
View Piece

Imperfect Perfection
Reserve bid: 15 ETH
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Artifex 3D Sculptures

Artifex 3D sculptures represent the intersection of art, utility, and access. This weekend, a special “early mint pass” was announced which will be made available to all collectors who are lucky enough to hodl all 21 released Limited Edition 3D sculptures. 

Check the Artifex collection on OpenSea for secondary sales opportunities.

The following are still available via the Artifex Marketplace (as of the time of writing):

Collector Goodie Bags

Access My Collection when you Connect Wallet on the Artifex website. View your personalized collection of 3D sculptures and click on any of your NFTs to access the accompanying goodie bag, which includes:

  • 3D file (.glb), 
  • Custom Artifex video file (.mp4), and 
  • Artifex Avatar profile picture (.jpg)

Stay tuned as we plan to share more incredible perks with our community as the journey unfolds!