Original 1/1
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Raziel, Angel of Mysteries

Released October 1, 2021
Peter Mohrbacher

Artifex 1/1 auctions follow the Coldie Method™. Once the reserve price is met a 24-hour countdown begins. New bids add 24 more hours to the clock.

Artifex 1/1 collectors also receive the artist's 3D sculpture NFT complimentary!

Each 3D Includes:
  • RareRooms virtual display gallery

    Automatically available upon purchase by visiting RareRooms.io Holds 5 artworks and 5 3D objects, accessible on mobile, web, and VR

  • Collector goodie bag

    Includes a 3D .glb file, turntable animation .mp4, and alternate-look avatar .jpg with more goodies in the works! Connect your wallet and visit your collection for instant access.

About Peter Mohrbacher
Peter Mohrbacher is Angelarium. One brushstroke at a time, he creates the Encyclopedia of Angels, merging mythology with surreal angelic figures.

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