Collector’s Guide: Wave One

May 20 2021

This week Artifex launches Wave One: Family, a self portrait collection by leading digital artists who embody the community-focused vibe of the NFT space. Artifex is honored to feature these 10 artists as the first of the landmark NFT project – a time capsule for this revolutionary era. 

On May 20th, 2021 at 7:00pm ET, your opportunity opens to own:

  • Original NFT Artwork (1/1 representing the self portrait created by each artist)
  • Limited Edition Artifex (67 are available from the edition of /100 with the remaining reserved for gifts, partners, and a future project fund). 

Each evening at 7:00pm ET, the 1/1 NFT self portrait artwork opens for bidding in a reserve auction. The Limited Edition Artifex NFT 3D sculptures are available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. Each Artifex acquisition comes with a custom RareRooms virtual gallery to view and share your collection. Check out the Wave One: Family Rooms here and here.

Dates This Week:

Dates Next Week:

To ensure you’re ready for the sale, here’s a step-by-step guide to connect to Artifex:


Visit MetaMask to download and install the Google Chrome extension. 

Need more help setting up a wallet? Learn more here.

  1. BUY ETH

We recommend using Coinbase to buy cryptocurrency. 

You will need ETH to purchase a limited edition Artifex.


Transfer your ETH to your MetaMask wallet. For more detailed instructions, check out this article. If you are bidding on an auction you will need Wrapped ETH (WETH). You can swap ETH to WETH with MetaMask.


Connect your MetaMask wallet to the website by clicking the CONNECT WALLET button in the upper right-hand corner of Once your wallet is connected, your wallet address will be displayed.

What Is Wrapped ETH (WETH)?

Artifex auctions are powered by OpenSea. When bidding on items, you must use Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). The conversion rate from ETH to WETH is always 1:1, and you can downgrade any unused WETH back to ETH. 

Wrapped ETH is essentially the same as ETH, with special utility. In short, WETH allows collectors to bid on many different items using the same pool of Ether. 

For example, as a collector with xx WETH, I could bid xx WETH on Who Am I? by Billelis and xx WETH on Sylvain by toomuchlag. If I win one auction, the other offer will be instantly invalidated if there is not enough WETH left in my wallet.

What Exactly Is an Artifex and What Can You Do With It?

Learn more by reading this. Check out this thread from founder, Roger Dickerman. 

Follow @artifex_project on Twitter and join our community on Discord for celebrations and updates throughout this launch and new waves launching soon.