Alotta Money Joins The Artifex Project

October 13 2021

The 25th artist to create their self portrait for the Artifex project will be released this Friday, October 15th. 


Alotta Money

1/1 The Rests Of Me

Reserve Price: 5 ETH

Artifex 3D Sculptures

66 released at 0.2 ETH

This is the first animated 3D sculpture produced by Artifex Art Director, @DurkatWork. The Rests Of Me 1/1 collector receives Alotta Money’s Limited Edition 3D sculpture complimentary!

Artifex 3D sculptures come with collector goodie bags including: 

  • Custom Artifex RareRooms gallery
  • 3D file .glb
  • Artifex video .mp4
  • Alternate-look Avatar pfp .jpg

Full Set Collectors

Our legendary Full Set Collectors get guaranteed private sale access to Alotta Money’s Limited Edition 3D sculpture. Currently 11 wallets have amassed all 24 NFTs in the collection. We will cap this benefit at 15 total holders.

The remaining sculptures will be made available via lottery. All may enter the lottery for a random opportunity to purchase. Artifex collectors receive an additional entry for each piece they hold from the collection. 

Winners will be selected randomly and receive a private sale link to purchase the piece within 24 hours. Unpurchased sculptures will then be offered to those on the waiting list.

Now Available! 

Wave Two: 1st Edition Bundle

Bundles are the easiest way to become an epic Full Set Collector and Wave Two: Digital Icons First Edition bundle is now available… an opening bid has already been placed! 

The auction features an original video bonus NFT that represents and cycles through the ten sculptures included:

  1. Gavin Shapiro 
  2. skygolpe 
  3. mbsjq 
  4. Peter Mohrbacher 
  5. Robbie Trevino 
  6. ThankYouX 
  7. J.N. Silva 
  8. BakaArts 
  9. Filip Hodas 
  10. Justin Maller 

Artifex Wave Two: 1st Edition Bundle 

Reserve Price: 2 ETH 

All Artifex auctions follow the Coldie Method™. Once the reserve price is met, a 24-hour countdown will begin. New bids add 24 hours to the countdown clock. Bidders must have wETH (wrapped ETH) in their MetaMask wallet in order to participate in Artifex auctions.

Bundles are listed on OpenSea through the “Artifex Collection” – a different contract from our original named simply “Artifex” (both are blue check verified). The new contract allows for continued exploration of the NFT digital art renaissance while maintaining the original structure and commitment to honor 100 incredible artists.

Congrats to our first bundle collector, @RogueNFT. Welcome to the Artifex family!