The Artifex Project

Artifex Collection


Wave Two: Digital Icons – 1st edition 3D sculpture bundle


The Artifex Wave Two: 1st Edition Bundle primary market auction entitles its collector to receive transfers of the following 3D sculpture #1 editions:

1. Gavin Shapiro
2. skygolpe
3. mbsjq
4. Peter Mohrbacher
5. Robbie Trevino
6. ThankYouX
7. J.N. Silva
8. BakaArts
9. Filip Hodas
10. Justin Maller

These artists represent Wave Two: Digital Icons of the Artifex Project.

The auction features an original video bonus NFT that represents and cycles through the ten sculptures included in the bundle.

Please note that any secondary market sales of this NFT will not automatically include the first editions themselves (that is up to the new collector).