1/1 Season

June 08 2022

And to bloom
1/1 by parrott_ism

Congratulations to DarthJotaro, who kicked off and won the auction for Parrott’s 1/1, And to bloom! 

1/1 by Josh Pierce

Just one week before, we saw Knowing by Josh Pierce collected by Shunf4n, who previously collected Bryan Brinkman’s 1/1, Strung. Congratulations to all of the artists and collectors!

Check out our latest posts on Twitter for an update on the few grails left on the primary market!

Find regularly updated collection highlights on all Artifex NFTs in Discord, where we publish The GM Report and include a complete inventory of all tokens available on primary (see #artifex-nfts channel). 

Artifex Marketplace provides real-time collector data for every edition and 1/1 artwork. Filter by a particular artist and drill down to analyze per edition. 

Stay tuned for more exciting website developments rolling out soon, including an intuitive interface to explore Artifex Unreal with dedicated pages to easily share each legendary artist’s mind-blowing world!

Approaching N F T S E A

Artifex continues to build for the exciting NYC event N F T S E A. Join us to celebrate at the Blockparty Block Party starting at 1pm ET on Monday, June 20th!

The Artifex N F T S E A movie poster, designed by Laith Safa, is one of a special collection of unique, commemorative NFTs to be auctioned off ahead of the event. All proceeds will benefit children’s cancer research. The winner of the Artifex movie poster will also receive the Artifex Sculpture Garden 3D NFT with our compliments!

We have lots of surprises in store for our guests outside at Seaport District NYC and inside at the iPic Fulton Market Theater. We’re producing a cinematic experience Powered by Artifex and planning for an all-star line-up of incredibly special guests. You won’t want to miss this epic event!

Artifex Spotlights

Shining a light on the powerhouse artists that make the NFT space so vibrant is a core mission of the Artifex Project. Over the next few weeks, collectors can expect some outrageous surprises as we unveil the first artists we’re amplifying through Artifex Spotlights. 

We are over the moon excited to reveal what’s in store. Onward and upward!