Sculpture Garden Release

February 16 2022

Artifex Sculpture Garden

Available now for 0.25 ETH

The Artifex Sculpture Garden unlocks a stunningly lush world created by Artifex Art Director, DurkatWork. Curate your NFT plot with three Artifex sculptures – this is the genesis Artifex Experience!

DurkatWork, who also directs art at Aku World, is no stranger to crafting imaginative, immersive environments. He builds 3D worlds that expand our understanding of what is truly possible with this fascinating technology. He has engineered each Artifex 3D NFT with the future in mind, integrating metaverse portability as the basis for each design.

Sculpture Gardens are VR-ready and are a work of art themselves. Lose yourself exploring the vibrant plants, listening to the hypnotic garden soundtrack.

45 (of 100) Artifex Sculpture Gardens were released to the market today. Artifex collectors got first dibs to scoop via #collector-chat in Artifex Discord. 53 were airdropped to Artifex Origins holders and 2 were reserved for a community giveaway and for the Artifex vault.

To customize your Artifex Sculpture Garden:

  1. Visit and connect the wallet holding your Artifex collection
  2. Select Artifex Sculpture Garden from your RareRooms dashboard
  3. Choose Edit Room to curate your Artifex 3D sculptures within the garden 

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