Wave One: 1st Edition Bundle

October 05 2021

The time has finally arrived for the…

Artifex Wave One: 1st Edition Bundle

Our 1st Edition Bundle auction releases Wednesday, October 6th at 12:00PM ET at a reserve price of 3.0 ETH.

1st Edition Bundle

The Artifex Wave One: 1st Edition Bundle primary market auction entitles its collector to receive transfers of the following 3D sculpture #1 editions:

  1. toomuchlag
  2. Billelis
  3. Fvckrender
  4. Baeige
  5. Blake Kathryn
  6. Jason Ebeyer
  7. Aeforia
  8. Maalavidaa
  9. Victor Mosquera
  10. xsullo

These are the first ten minted artists in the entire Artifex Project.

The auction features an original video bonus NFT that represents and cycles through the ten sculptures included in the bundle.

The Artifex Wave One: 1st Edition Bundle will follow the Coldie Method™. Once the reserve price is met, a 24-hour countdown will begin. New bids add 24 hours to the countdown clock. Bidders must have wETH (wrapped ETH) in their MetaMask wallet in order to participate in Artifex auctions.

Full Set Collectors

The bundle is the easiest way to make moves to join the ranks of our legendary Full Set Collectors. 

We reward complete set holders with guaranteed private sale access to newly minted Artifex 3D sculptures. 

There are some very exciting artists soon to be released so these full set collectors will be quite happy with this added benefit as the future unfolds.

Private sales for full set collectors will be capped at 15. Currently, 11 wallets are holding the complete collection.

Joining The Family

24 artists have released 1/1 artwork with Artifex of the total 100 artists. 76 artists remain. 

1/1 collectors receive the artist’s Limited Edition 3D sculpture complimentary. Limited Edition 3D sculptures come with a collector goodie bag, accessible when you ‘Connect Wallet’ here at Artifex.

Goodie bags include:

  • 3D file .glb
  • Artifex video .mp4
  • Alternate-look Avatar pfp .jpg

We will build out these collector goodie bags as the project progresses.

Here’s a look at the complete collection of Artifex Avatars.

Thank you to all of our collector family! Onward and upward!