Wave 2 Wrap-Up

July 06 2021

Digital Icons Wraps Up

Artifex wrapped Wave 2: Digital Icons last week featuring 1/1 original artwork NFTs by 10 legendary artists: 

With Digital Icons, we have honored 20 of the 100 total digital artists Artifex will catalog through the lifespan of the project. 

Limited Edition 3D Sculptures

3D master, DurkAtWork, has created unique NFT sculptures based on each 1/1 self-portrait. 66 editions of 100 have been released for sale to the public and a limited number remain for purchase at Artifex.art.

Here are two of the Limited Edition sculptures based on Filip Hodas’ Ferdinand and Justin Maller’s LEONINE:

RareRooms Virtual Gallery

Check out the entire wave in the Digital Icons RareRooms gallery. Click on the white Artifex doors to visit the next room. Be sure to explore every angle of these incredible works of art! 

AR Filters

Augmented Reality is a space we are super excited about, in particular, and we’re having a lot of fun with these filters developed by DurkAtWork!

AR filters represent the very beginning of an innovative development roadmap for Artifex. Roger Dickerman, CEO and Founder of Artifex, talks more about the value equation of art, utility, and access on Cheddar News. 

Artifex Discord

The Artifex Discord server is the best place to stay connected to the NFT community, get first access to project developments, and WIN NFTs! 

This weekend, everyone was pleasantly surprised by a spontaneous giveaway in the #general chat and prizes are always part of the fun at the Artifex Weekly Download.

Join us this Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. ET on the Artifex Stage for this week’s interactive chat.