The Future: J.N. Silva

July 14 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Peter Mohrbacher, Bryan Brinkman, mbsjq, Aku Dreams, xsullo

The Future: J.N. Silva

J.N. Silva is the latest guest to appear on The Future of Art (episode seven). J.N. is a longtime friend of Artifex and a true renaissance man. The conversation was titillating to say the least!

He says, “Art, to me, is the way that humans transcend this tangible reality and connect to the universal consciousness, the energy of the universe.

It’s the way that we can express the full breadth of our emotions, feelings, creativity, and everything that we contain inside – because we contain multitudes.

I think the only way to really express that, and turn it into something more tangible, something that can be experienced, is through art.”

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Highlights from Artifex artists:

  • Aku Dreams announced their partnership with Starbucks Odyssey: Aku Adventure
  • ‘Stored Memories’ is the latest collection released by Bryan Brinkman. Out now via Unit London.
  • ‘Tangled By Light’, new 1/1 from xsullo, is available now on Manifold.
  •  ‘PLEASE STOP HURTING ME’, the latest edition drop from Jonathan Wolfe, is ready to collect on his smart contract.

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