The Future Is Here

September 16 2021

The next wave of the Artifex project is in full swing… The Future is upon us!

Kristy Glas

Tonight, Kristy Glas releases her 1/1, Sibyl, at 7:00pm ET along with 66 Limited Edition 3D sculptures designed in collaboration with Artifex Art Director, DurkatWork. 

Don’t sleep on this incredible art – things are really heating up around here! The first three artists to release their artwork as part of this wave, which highlights artists paving the way for the next generation of NFTs, completely sold out of all 3D sculptures very shortly after going live.


Defaced began the run with Blue Me sculptures selling out immediately and the auction for his 1/1 original artwork kicking off right away. 

The exciting auction culminated after several days with FVCKRENDER collecting Blue Me for 10 ETH.


Jasti was the 2nd artist of The Future wave who sold out on release night. 
His incredible 1/1 NFT, Eternal Tranquility, is still available at a reserve price of 10 ETH. 


Next, parrott_ism joined the party with And to Bloom

The 1/1 is waiting for one lucky collector at an incredible reserve price of 5 ETH. 3D sculptures can be scooped only on the secondary market.


In the midst of this legendary set of new releases the reserve price was met for Sylvain, toomuchlag’s amazing 1/1 NFT. The auction lasted for almost a week with a bidding war breaking out between two determined collectors. After all was said and done, Sylvain sold for 19.6 ETH – a record-setting sale for the artist and for the entire NFT community.

Join us for the latest updates at the Artifex Weekly Download in our Discord channel – Tuesdays at 3:00pm ET. 

Here’s to The Future!