The Build Continues

August 20 2021 Upgrades

We have been hard at work refining the collector experience at We are so excited to announce collectors can now access their entire sculpture collection directly on the website!

View sculptures and access the collector file package:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Connect Wallet in the upper right corner
  3. Access My Collection by clicking the squares icon

View your personalized collection of Artifex 3D sculptures, then click into any of your NFTs to access links to your collector files.

The collector file package includes:

  • 3D file (.glb),
  • Custom Artifex video file (.mp4), and
  • Artifex Avatar profile picture (.jpg)
Artifex Avatars

That’s right, we’ve created alternate-look profile pictures so our collectors can fly their NFT flag high.

These “goodie bags” are the early steps on the road to creating ongoing value for our collectors. We are always exploring how to best serve our Artifex family!

Artifex Sales

The past couple of weeks have been super exciting for NFT artists, collectors, and the whole crypto art space.

The latest Artifex auction to kick off was for J.N. Silva’s 1/1, Visión y Razón. The original artwork features a 2:12 video montage of 47 of Silva’s photographs set to an audio track composed by the artist. Jason Outland (@OutlandArt) collected this stunning piece, which also came with high-resolution digital images of each photo featured in the video.

Equally exciting, FVCKRENDER is the first artist to completely sell out of 3D sculptures on the Artifex Marketplace. With one Limited Edition left, Artifex Founder, Roger Dickerman, purchased and sent the final sculpture to space with Aku World – a project created by Micah Johnson that is quite near and dear to the Artifex family as it was also built by Art Director, @DurkAtWork.

The Limited Edition NFT (designed by Durk based on FVCKRENDER’s original artwork, HARKEN//) is now only available on the secondary market.

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Unreal Engine 5: Art Interaction Experience

Artifex is all about innovation and that’s why we are stoked for the upcoming release of our Art Interaction Experience developed by Justin Wetch and Chewy Stoll in Unreal Engine 5.

This week, another sneak peek was shared featuring a sandstone rendition of Filip Hodas’ Artifex 3D sculpture, Ferdinand.

The interactive world will immerse users to experience the art on a grand scale, in stunning detail, with special unlockable content especially for Artifex collectors.

Onward and upward, NFT community!