Release Round-up

June 23 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Baeige, toomuchlag, Blake Kathryn, Bryan Brinkman x Dave Krugman, Chewy Stoll

Release Round-up

Congrats to all those who snagged a BT Artifex 3D sculpture. BT Bonus 3D Gems are on the way to 10 lucky collectors! Stay tuned! 

BT’s Antikythera Mechanism sculpture and all the gems can be viewed in all their stunning, immersive glory in Artifex Unreal: visit here

The Future of Art

The Future of Art’s featured guest of the week is none other than Jordan Lyall. Jordan has been prolific across crypto, art, and the generative art landscape, leveraging a strong product management background. He is founder and CEO of Venturepunk and is currently building Prohibition Art.

Among many other things Jordan has shipped, are:

  • Meme, an early blend of DeFi and NFTs 
  • Nifty’s, an NFT platform, and 
  •, an on-chain mini-game platform.

Catch the replay on Twitter & don’t miss the live space Thursdays at 1pm EST where you can collect our commemorative POAP!

The Future of Art podcast, powered by Artifex, can be found on YouTube here and all major podcast platforms. 

Artist highlights of the week: 

  • Congrats toomuchlag, Dave Krugman, & all artists contributing to “Cartography of the Soul”: A Curated Digital Art Sale to Benefit MAPS presented by Christies.
  • Mad Dog Jones x Lvcidia is coming soon… stay tuned for all the details!
  • Slumber is the latest edition from Chewy Stoll: 1 lucky collector will receive a canvas! 

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