Micah Johnson: Becoming Aku

February 28 2022

Tonight, Micah Johnson, the creator of Aku, releases a new 1/1 artwork and 3D sculptures with Artifex!

Micah Johnson – Becoming Aku
1/1 Reserve price: 10 ETH

Micah Johnson Artifex
Limited Editions: 0.5 ETH
Each 3D NFT will hold the same Akutar benefit as owning one Aku Chapter!

Immerse yourself in the artwork via our ground-breaking Artifex Unreal experience

Only those who enter the raffle will be entitled to purchase the Micah Johnson Artifex 3D. The raffle is open tonight from 5:00-6:00 PM ET here. 

Simply connect your wallet and provide a contact email address. Winners will be notified via email by 8:00 PM ET. 

Raffle Considerations:

  • Anyone may enter the lottery once.
  • All entries will be randomized. There is no advantage to entering early or late within the entry window.
  • Artifex collectors get an extra raffle entry for each Artifex piece in their wallet  – these entries are automatically added.
  • Each wallet can only win once.

Private sales are automatically arranged for those who hold the Artifex Origins Gen0 pass.

Artifex collectors also receive:

  1. Custom RareRooms display gallery
  2. 3D .glb file
  3. Turntable animation .mp4
  4. Avatar .jpg 
  5. Twitter banner .jpg

Connect your wallet and visit My Collection for instant access. Happy release day, fam!