Lvcidia x Artifex

March 22 2023

Lvcidia and Artifex have teamed up to launch a truly art-oriented, artist-led marketplace for digital fine art. 

“The only marketplace that is fully immersive and artist-centered.” 

The 3D-native platform, founded by Fvckrender, will offer immersive exhibitions for both established and budding creators. The motivation behind this massive movement is centered around improving the lives of artists and telling their stories.

Watch the interview with Fvckrender, Artist, Founder, and Creative Director of Lvcidia.

“The vision for the partnership: help Lvcidia reach its full potential.”

Artifex will lend expertise on the curation side, streamlining release pipeline, and artist onboarding. The partnership is strengthened by the 2 brands’ shared core values: an artist-first mentality & a desire to promote the best of digital art while retaining its substance. The immersive components of Lvcidia Experiences will be developed with Unreal Engine, an added synergy to the pairing of these teams. 

Watch the interview with Roger Dickerman, Founder of Artifex.

Main phases of the project:

  • LVCIDIA marketplace launch with Manifold Studio (primary sales supported)
  • Direct integration of smart contracts; launch of artist-utilized mechanics
  • LVCIDIA Unreal Engine Experiences 3D immersive platform
  • Marketplace supporting primary & secondary sales and enforced royalties

“It’s always about the artist.” 

The vision is to elevate digital fine arts to new heights by connecting collectors and purposeful artists.  Artists hosted on the platform will design unique releases that utilize the staking, resources, and finery mechanics rolled out in the First Era of Lvcidia. It is a priority of the project that royalties will always be enforced on secondary sales. 

Watch the interview with Manny Fortin, COO of Lvcidia. 

For full details, read the article: Lvcidia & Artifex Join Forces To Build A Marketplace For Digital Fine Art