Laith Safa: Artifex Spotlight

June 17 2022

Laith Safa is the third Artifex Spotlight artist! 

An expert 3D and motion designer, Laith is the artist behind Experiences and the Graphic Designer at Artifex, creating all our incredible images and videos to share ART. Laith’s Spotlight piece is an untitled edition based on his soon-to-be-released 1/1, Grew Accustomed To More Fear.

It’s that time again! Are you one of the lucky ones?

50 NFT editions have been minted and airdropped!

Untitled by Laith Safa (Edition of 50)

  • 16 editions – Collectors holding the full set of Artifex 3D NFTs
  • 22 editions – 1/1 Artifex collectors 
  • 5 editions – Laith Safa collectors
  • 3 editions – Random Artifex collector raffle
  • 3 editions – Reserved for future giveaways
  • 1 edition – Retained by the Artifex vault

About Laith Safa

Based in Toronto, Laith has developed music videos, animation, and advertising for major brands. Laith’s 3D creations draw the viewer into a fantasy world with figures and forms that invite the imagination to run wild. His work simultaneously summons visions of the future while reminding one of ancient depictions of the divine.

Experiences is an exploration of a new style that Laith continues developing. The idea is that nothing is truly finished – even us, as humans, change every day with every experience. That is the beauty and privilege of getting older; bad days and good days are all important.

Laith is attracted to the intersection of art and engineering, which is why he loves 3D design. Every project becomes a puzzle to solve and achieving the end result is just so satisfying. He says, “I find that 3D allows me to express my creativity freely and it also helps that I love math.”

Laith has some advice to share with aspiring NFT artists: “Don’t focus too much on the numbers – sales come and go. Basing your happiness around that is just going to be a disaster! 

Focus on yourself. There’s always going to be someone better, more successful and even younger. It doesn’t matter, it’s all noise and distraction. Getting jealous will just remove mental energy from your focus. 

Stay the course, have fun and remember that success comes to people at different times.”

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