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Laith Safa Artifex Spotlight

September 15 2022

Grew Accustomed To More Fear 
Artifex Spotlights 1/1 artwork by Laith Safa 
Reserve: 2 ETH

Grew Accustomed To More Fear by Laith Safa is inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s track FEAR. With this work, Laith invites the viewer to contemplate the resistance toward growing older and the anxiety that accompanies achieving success and reaching goals. 

Deep Truth

Grew Accustomed To More Fear represents the birth of Laith’s acclaimed collection, Experiences, based on the idea that we are made of layers. These layers – thoughts, emotions, and human relationships – are what empower us to continuously evolve.  

Laith says, “this piece is intentionally angled so the figure looks down at us, but the idea is to project yourself onto this entity – to see your highest potential (which is the experience).” 

Experiences #1
Collected by Cozomo d’Medici

Experiences is a style exploration and a concept on which Laith’s work builds. The underlying theme is: nothing is truly finished, we always have the opportunity to grow.

Laith continues, “regardless of our fear or experiences, everything is layered. We are not one-dimensional beings.”

untitled (Edition of 50)

Airdropped Spotlight Editions

Earlier this year, Laith delighted NFT collectors with his untitled limited edition debuted by Artifex Spotlights. It was airdropped to some lucky holders: 

  • Full Set Collectors
  • 1/1 Artifex collectors 
  • Laith Safa collectors

A few editions have been retained for giveaways and for the Artifex vault.


About the Artist, Laith Safa

Based in Toronto, Laith is a 3D & motion designer and has developed music videos, animation, and advertising for major brands. Laith’s works invite us into a world that is both futuristic and esoteric. He draws on ancient symbols like the tablet and humanity’s first heros (see: Gilgamesh) that beckon us to remember our past and visualize what the future may hold.


We are so excited to spotlight Laith. He is integral to Artifex as our main graphic designer and an artist we respect immensely!

Laith Safa’s Artifex Spotlight piece, Grew Accustomed To More Fear, will be available at a reserve of 2 ETH here.

ONI (Laith Safa’s genesis NFT)
Collected by flashrekt

NFT Origin Stories: Laith Safa #63

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