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Justin Wetch Artifex Spotlight

September 22 2022

UFO Junkyard
Artifex Spotlights 1/1 artwork by Justin Wetch
Reserve: 0.2 ETH

Justin Wetch imagines exotic, alternate realities and then focuses on the mundane aspects within these fantastical scenarios. This is where the idea for UFO Junkyard was born. With this piece he imagines what would happen to spaceships after their usefulness has expired?

UFO Junkyard 3D (Edition of 75)

Airdropped Spotlight Editions

In line with Artifex Project tradition, Justin created UFO Junkyard 3D directly inspired by his 1/1 artwork. He surprised the Artifex community with this limited edition artwork earlier this year. It was airdropped to several collectors:

  • 16 editions – Collectors holding the full set of Artifex 3D NFTs
  • 38 editions – Collectors holding 10+ Artifex 3D NFTs
  • 15 editions – Artifex team
  • 2 editions – Randomly chosen Artifex collectors

A few editions have been retained for giveaways and for the Artifex vault.



Justin Wetch’s debut collection, Mystics, is a meaningful and rich body of work chronicling his journey of trauma and healing. It visualizes the process of connecting with and exploring aligned spirituality. Justin tells the story of confronting toxic, inherited religious beliefs and transforming the darkness he experienced through this stunning compilation of twenty-four 3D works of art. 


Mystics, which sold out immediately upon mint, includes AR elements and an immersive world to discover every facet of these majestic pieces. Justin is an accomplished Unreal Engine developer – he has also created each of the artist-inspired Artifex Unreal worlds!



UPEKKHA is another example of his ‘Unreal’ art which blurs the line with gaming. A collaborative work with Artifex artist and fellow Art Interaction Director, Chewy Stoll, UPEKKHA (which means equanimity) is an entire world to dive into the imaginations of these incredible artists. Together they have created 9 islands to explore with mysteries to unlock, temples to discover, and an overall peaceful space for contemplation.


About the Artist, Justin Wetch

Based in Alaska, Justin is a multi-faceted artist. He is the international best-selling poet of 2 books including Our Naked Souls. 

We are so excited to spotlight Justin, Artifex’ Art Interaction Director, and an artist we greatly admire! Justin’s work on the bleeding-edge of digital art is innovative, inspirational, and represents the future of what is possible in web3.

Justin Wetch’s Artifex Spotlight piece, UFO Junkyard, will be available at a reserve of 0.2 ETH here.

NFT Origin Stories: Justin Wetch #64

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