Justin Wetch: Artifex Spotlight

June 16 2022

Justin Wetch is the second Artifex Spotlight artist! 

He is the artist behind Mystics and the Artifex Art Interaction Director, creating the Artifex Unreal worlds. Following the Artifex core 100 tradition, Justin’s Spotlight piece is a special 3D edition based on his soon-to-be-released 1/1, UFO Junkyard.

Fire up the ART signal and check your wallets:

75 NFT editions have been minted and airdropped to the Artifex community!

UFO Junkyard 3D by Justin Wetch (Edition of 75)

  • 16 editions – Collectors holding the full set of Artifex 3D NFTs
  • 38 editions – Collectors holding 10+ Artifex 3D NFTs
  • 15 editions – Artifex team
  • 2 editions – Randomly chosen Artifex collectors
  • 3 editions – Reserved for future giveaways
  • 1 edition – Retained by the Artifex vault

About Justin Wetch

Already an international best-selling author, Justin Wetch has taken the NFT space by storm with incredible projects like Upekkha (with Chewy Stoll) and Mystics

Mystics tells Justin’s story of survival through religious trauma and healing his connection with spirituality through meditation, self exploration, and art. Justin also created an immersive gallery to experience Mystics with Unreal Engine 5. The series was an instant hit, selling out immediately. 

Truly a renaissance man, Justin works with all forms of digital art and photography, besides being a published poet. Justin’s innovative work in Unreal Engine 5 has unlocked the next level of art-forward and artist-centric development for the Artifex project and the world of web3. 

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