Jonathan Wolfe’s Cat Park

February 10 2022

Jonathan Wolfe releases a new 1/1 artwork and limited 3D sculpture editions with Artifex!

Jonathan Wolfe – Cat Park 

1/1 Reserve price: 4 ETH

Jonathan Wolfe Artifex 

Limited Editions: 0.1 ETH 

The collector of Cat Park will have their name graffiti tagged in Jonathan Wolfe’s Artifex Unreal experience. Explore our most anticipated 3D art immersion yet!

Enter the raffle for a chance to purchase a limited edition Jonathan Wolfe Artifex. The raffle is open Thursday, February 10th from 5:00-6:00 PM EST.

Simply connect your wallet and provide a contact email address. Winners will be notified via email by 7:00 PM ET. 

Guaranteed private sales are arranged for all 15 Artifex Full Set Collectors.

Raffle considerations:

  • Anyone may enter the raffle once (and only once).
  • All entries will be randomized. There is no advantage to entering early or late within the entry window.
  • Artifex collectors get an extra entry for each piece held (entries automatically calculated).
  • Each wallet can only win once.

Our raffle process has evolved slightly. Any unclaimed editions will be released to the public market after 24 hours. Artifex collectors and community members will receive the news first in our Discord. Join us there for real-time updates!

As a special bonus for Artifex collectors, each 3D purchase includes:

  1. Custom RareRooms display gallery
  2. 3D .glb file
  3. Turntable animation .mp4
  4. Avatar .jpg 
  5. Twitter banner .jpg

Connect your wallet and visit your collection for instant access. 

Artifex Sculpture Garden

The Artifex Sculpture Garden is the genesis Artifex Experience. It unlocks a stunning, immersive art experience imagined by Artifex Art Director and talented world builder DurkatWork.

Sculpture Gardens are VR-ready and are a work of art themselves complete with immersive audio and lots of easter eggs. Get inside and explore! 

You can curate your own garden gallery with three Artifex 3D sculptures at DurkatWork meticulously engineers each Artifex 3D piece to seamlessly travel the frontiers of the metaverse. 

Artifex collectors will have priority access when the remaining NFTs are made available for purchase. Join our Discord for first dibs on all the alpha!