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JeyRam Artifex Spotlight

September 27 2022

Artifex Spotlights 1/1 artwork by JeyRam
Reserve: 0.35 ETH

JeyRam believes art is a tool for self discovery and exploration. His beautiful works invites us to explore the inner realm, to self reflect on assumed personality traits and identity. His Artifex Spotlights piece is a deeply personal work that calls on his ultimate artistic muse, nature.

Forest Bathing (Edition of 50)

Airdropped Spotlight Editions

In line with Artifex Project tradition, JeyRam created Aadrika and the limited edition airdropped in June, Forest Bathing, as related artworks. 

Forest Bathing was airdropped to several collectors as follows:

  • 25 editions – JeyRam collector community
  • 25 editions Artifex community
    • 16 editions – Collectors holding the full set of Artifex 3D NFTs
    • 5 editions – Random airdrops to lucky Artifex holders
    • Remaining editions retained for Artifex vault and future giveaways

Akazha (Monk)

Ancient Spirits

JeyRam’s NFT collection, Ancient Spirits, is a vast and multi-layered universe, the progression of which continues to be revealed. JeyRam devised a system of character evolution which introduces different skills for self-improvement. The evolution process allows collectors to contribute to the dynamic lifespan of the artwork.

About the Artist, JeyRam

Born and raised as a young child in Norway before relocating to his current homebase in Canada, JeyRam attributes his inspiration to his childhood days of outdoor exploration. His organic aesthetic exudes how much he is influenced by the natural environment. 


JeyRam has always been an artist, in fact, he feels there is no other path he could have taken. However, he confesses he was about to quit art altogether before he found NFTs! We are thankful he has continued to create and we are so excited to spotlight JeyRam, a dear friend and a big part of the Artifex family!

JeyRam’s Artifex Spotlight piece, Aadrika, will be available at a reserve of 0.35 ETH here.

NFT Origin Stories: JeyRam #65

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