JeyRam: Artifex Spotlight

June 14 2022

Artifex Spotlights kick off with JeyRam, the creator of Ancient Spirits and a dear friend of the Artifex community! Forest Bathing is the genesis Artifex Spotlights NFT created by JeyRam.

Collectors… check your wallets! An edition of 50 NFTs were minted and some were stealth airdropped to Artifex holders overnight!

Forest Bathing by JeyRam (Edition of 50)

  • 25 editions – Distributed to Artifex community
    • 16 editions – Collectors holding the full set of Artifex 3D NFTs
    • 5 editions – Random airdrops to lucky Artifex holders
    • 3 editions – Reserved for future giveaways
    • 1 edition – Retained by the Artifex vault
  • 25 editions – Distributed to Ancient Spirits by JeyRam community

About JeyRam

JeyRam exploded onto the NFT scene with Ancient Spirits, a project rich with lore, connection, evolution, and an intense appreciation for the artist/collector relationship.  His hand-drawn art shines with clean lines and organic elements, conveying a sense of peace. 

Born and raised in Norway, he spent most of his childhood outdoors. He says, 

“Being in nature soothes the soul and brings out the most creative aspects of the human experience.

I feel that my artistic desires were born through these experiences, I have always felt that nature had its own soul and I integrate a lot of nature in my art for this reason. 

‘Forest Bathing’ touches on this idea in a very direct way, the character is getting integrated into nature just as the soul feels at peace in the forest.

I also think that this is the same feeling people will gain through art-driven metaverse experiences like Artifex Unreal, so this was a perfect opportunity to explore the idea.”

The evolution system JeyRam devised for the Ancient Spirits project capitalizes on the opportunity for artist-collector interaction enabled by the blockchain. Building on the concept of self-realization, Seekers represent the first step in a collaborative creative journey driven by collector decisions.

Seekers, when mentored by Guardians, evolve into Monks which inherit characteristics of their mentor. A Monk may then learn from a Spirit to evolve into an Awakened. At each stage of evolution the Soul becomes a greater being. 

Evolution has established an entirely new artistic process for JeyRam. It allows collectors direct influence while preserving the artist’s creative freedom. Collectors pick pairings they love and the artist creates Custom 1/1 characters from these choices.

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