Homepage Redesign

July 26 2022

Take a tour of the newly redesigned Artifex homepage!

The new look for Artifex.art continues the ongoing website refresh initiated by a revamped marketplace experience launched in April.

Artifex’s latest updates include a few key highlights:

Artifex Unreal

  • A central Artifex Unreal portal amplifies Unreal Engine 5 development. Explore immersive, artistic worlds born from the imaginations of today’s trailblazing NFT artists.

Shop The Collection

  • Designed with collectors in mind: Easier access to our revamped NFT marketplace featuring smart filters & key data points.

Experience Art

  • Attention drawn to the unique attributes of the Artifex project with much more to come along the way!

Next Release

August is right around the corner and we’re ending the summer by kicking it off with a brand new artist release!

Join us in Artifex Discord for all the first drop news!