Grant Yun, Idil Dursun & More

July 24 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Blake Kathryn, Tommy Wilson, mbsjq, JN Silva, Jason Ebeyer

Grant Yun

We are so excited to reveal the next featured guest on The Future of Art (episode 8). Grant Yun has been a mainstay of digital art NFTs over the past several years and continues to create incredible pieces, blowing our minds regularly. 

He says, “Art to me is a means of communicating… 

Most of the time, artists have a meaning behind the work that they create, whether it’s intentional or not; And the viewer who looks at that piece of work is going to have a different interpretation of what that piece means on a person-to-person basis. So it’s really a form of communication that is used to talk from one person to another. 

Oftentimes, art is probably the most robust medium through which you can do this when it comes to long-term horizons – as we can have conversations between artists from thousands of years ago or artists of today.”

Stay tuned to The Future of Art – this extraordinary episode will be released this week!

Idil Dursun

Idil Dursun (@jarvinart on Twitter) is the next artist to create a Lvcidia Experience! Idil is known for combining her skills as an architect and CG artist to create intricate cyberpunk and dystopian scenes.

Artifex and Lvcidia are pumped to share the incredible artwork from Idil soon, who recently kickstarted The Memes SZN4.

The drop is set to open on August 1st! 

Join us today, live on Twitter Spaces at 5pm ET to chat with Idil Dursun and Team Lvcidia. Set a reminder here.

Recent Artist Highlights: 

  • Christie’s just wrapped the Art + Tech Summit in NYC, featuring powerhouse panels with influential artists like ThankYouX;
  • Spotted in Washington, DC: BT speaking to the US Senate AI caucus about creating guidelines for ethical AI on behalf of artists and musicians;
  • Pixel Palace, an immersive experience featuring the work of 80+ digital artists, including BakaArts, Coldie, JN Silva, Gavin Shapiro, Josh Pierce, Parrott, toomuchlag, ThankYouX, and more is coming in September – designed and curated by TrippyLabs at Permissionless

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