Future of Art Round-up

June 09 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Fvckrender, Odious, Peter Mohrbacher, Baeige, Bryan Brinkman

Future of Art Round-up

The Artifex team is in full send mode as we prepare for some exciting releases between the Artifex Core 100 and in collaboration with our innovative partners.

Artifex has always believed art leads the tech. We’re so inspired by the possibilities opened up by advancements like Apple Vision Pro. 3D art is poised to be more accessible than ever for unrivaled immersive experiences!

The Future of Art

Celebrating this week’s featured podcast guest, Patrick Amadon, and his artwork, NO RIOTERS, our 2nd POAP was released and collected this week. 

This activation is all about bringing those who love art and the people who are building incredible things in web3 together. Catch the replay on Twitter. Add a reminder to join our live space Thursdays at 1pm EST.

The Future of Art podcast, powered by Artifex, will imminently be released on all major platforms. You can find the first episode featuring Bharat Krymo here.

Artist highlights: 

  • ‘Odyssey’ by Roger Kilimanjaro, a collaboration with Wedgwood, is on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London right next to the original vase that inspired the 3d digital artwork
  • Aeforia’s solo exhibit, ‘Color, balance & emotion’, opens this week in Montreal
  • Gavin Shapiro announced his latest project: ‘Museum Zoetrope’, which will be exhibiting ‘Too Much Information’

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