Focus by Roger Kilimanjaro

April 21 2022

Roger Kilimanjaro releases Focus, a new 1/1 artwork and 3D sculptures with Artifex!


1/1 Reserve price: 4 ETH

Roger Kilimanjaro Artifex

Limited Editions: 0.1 ETH

Focus is an introspective take on the struggle, the will and the limitations of maintaining a consistent artistic vision throughout an ever changing landscape of tools and mediums.

Find the flow state with Focus in Roger Kilimanjaro’s Unreal world.

Connect your wallet and share your email address to enter tonight’s raffle for a chance to purchase a limited edition Roger Kilimanjaro Artifex 3D NFT. Bidding on the 1/1 and the raffle both open tonight at 5:00 PM ET. The raffle is open for one (1) hour – winners are notified via email and in our Discord server by 8:00 PM ET.

Artifex collectors also receive:

  • Custom RareRooms display gallery
  • 3D .glb file
  • Turntable animation .mp4
  • Avatar .jpg
  • Twitter banner .jpg

Connect your wallet and visit My Collection for instant access!