Experiencing The Future

July 28 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Jonathan Wolfe, Matt Szczur, Roger Kilimanjaro, Kristy Glas, Chewy Stoll

Grant Yun

Episode 8 of The Future of Art features special guest artist Grant Yun. A self-titled neo-precisionist with a diverse set of influences ranging from video game nostalgia; to museum art history; to the colors of the Midwest landscape, Yun exploded onto the NFT scene in 2021 and has since compiled a ‘who’s who’ of collectors, auction houses, and enthusiasts. 

The Future of Art – 8 inspired by Grant Yun

A 3D sculptural artwork is created for each featured guest and its render is collected as a POAP during each episode’s live launch party (Thursdays at 1pm ET on TwitterX)

Grant is disciplined in creative process, a proponent of physical display, and takes nothing for granted in his pursuit of contemporary art relevance and legacy.

Listen to Grant Yun: Neo-Precisionism, Nostalgia, and a Palette Born in the Midwest – episode 8 of The Future of Art

Jarvinart: Bridging Realities 

Releasing August 1st, Jarvinart: Bridging Realities encompasses two pieces from Idil Dursun:


  • Edition of (5) 
  • 24-hour Public Ranked Auction
  • Opens 5pm ET on 1 Aug

Manual Labor 

  • Edition of (50) 
  • 1st come, 1st served at 0.069 ETH
  • Holders’ mint 1 Aug at 5pm ET
  • Public mint 2 Aug at 5pm ET (if pieces remain)

Zoom in to discover the delightful surprises contained in these highly-detailed works. 

Manual Labor by Idil Dursun / @jarvinart 

This highly-anticipated drop is expected to sell out (like its predecessor, MDJ: PSI). Premint registration and early collection is highly encouraged. 

Artifex collectors can register for premint until 31 July here.

LVCIDIA Experiences offer collectors elevated digital art by top artists who share the story behind their creations. Bridging Realities contemplates human adaptation in the age of rapidly advancing AI technology.

Nightdrive by Idil Dursun / @jarvinart 

Recent Artist Highlights: 

  • Kristy Glas and Micah Johnson’s Aku Dreams are the most recent artists to release avatar collections with Reddit;
  • Dave Krugman revealed an intriguing new project: ROLLS;
  • The Artifex App is on the way! Want a sneak peek and to beta test 3D art at your fingertips? Reach out on Twitter, Instagram, or send us an email

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