Digital Icons + ArtiFLEX

June 16 2021

Artifex continues Wave 2: Digital Icons this week with 1/1 original artwork NFTs by MBSJQ, Peter Mohrbacher, and Robbie Trevino paired with Limited Edition 3D sculptures by DurkatWork based on each artist’s self-portrait. 

This week’s release schedule:

  • Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 7:00pm ET

MBSJQ (@mbsjq on Twitter; @madebystudiojq on Instagram)

  • Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 7:00pm ET

Peter Mohrbacher (@bugmeyer on Twitter; @petemohrbacher on Instagram)Robbie Trevino (@robbiestrevino on Twitter; @robbietrevinoart on Instagram)

Explore Wave 2: Digital Icons

Virtual Gallery Digital Icons Tour

The custom-designed Digital Icons Artifex RareRooms gallery features this week’s artists, as well as skygolpe and Gavin Shapiro (released last week).

You can tour the gallery on mobile, web, and VR. Try out the video camera icon (bottom left menu) for a smooth auto-pan across the room!

Miami Memories

Miami, Florida was the most recent stop of the #ArtifexWorldTour, and artworks were featured in downtown Miami on digital towers and LED trucks driving throughout the city.

This week we released our Miami recap video, as well as shared in the excitement with several artists:

Discord Download & ArtiFLEX

The NFT community gathered on Artifex Discord Tuesday for the Weekly Download – a recurring, interactive chat hosted by Artifex CEO & Founder, Roger Dickerman, featuring project artists, latest developments, first-look previews, and exciting community perks. 

Another lucky collector won an Artifex Limited Edition 3D sculpture, and ArtiFLEX was introduced! ArtiFLEX is a wellness-focused initiative for the NFT community to respond to the unique needs and challenges we face during this unprecedented time. Join the Artifex Discord server for access opening on Friday.

The Artifex mission is to honor the NFT digital art space as a whole and consider all groups that meet at its intersection: from collector to community to metaverse builder and beyond. Artifex exists to find, retain, and preserve the substance of this legendary moment. Here’s to the future and advancement of digital artists and NFTs!