Curatorial Round-up

May 19 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Maalavidaa; Blake Kathryn; Baka Arts; mbsjq; skygolpe

Curatorial Round-up

Full Set Collectors, PaperBuddha and Siaynoq, did us the honor of curating art for the timeline, contributing to our ongoing artist spotlights initiative.

LaserLewDude is a truly unique artist that combines science, tech, engineering and math to create visually stunning LASER ART installations. 

PaperBuddha shares, “Lew is at the cutting edge of dynamic and interactive NFTs”. 

Siaynoq offered a generative art collection titled ‘fion’ by phlins, commenting, “​​It almost feels like something is trying to explode into reality from the ether. Bravo!”

Our weekly curatorial selection from Artifex artist and Art Interaction Director, Chew Stoll, is love on the run by Joain.eth.

Chewy says, “Even though the piece gives us a sense of being in a room, it feels as though this artwork has no bounds.” 

In other Artist Round-up news: 

  • At VeeCon in Indianapolis? One can’t miss panel is ‘Building the Future of Digital Art: Exploring NFTs and Creative Expression’ featuring Bryan Brinkman and Jasti.
  • Art & music go together naturally and both Aeforia and xsullo shared new album artwork this week. 
  • Maalavidaa has a solo show open in Montreal and Blake Kathryn & Jason Ebeyer will be included in a group show in LA called INCARNATION, which celebrates the human form in art. 
  • Raf Grassetti shared a sneak peek of his latest Marvel cover art for The Amazing Spiderman

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