Curated Round-up

May 05 2023

Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Aeforia; Chewy Stoll; Kristy Glas; Jonathan Wolfe; xsullo

Curated Round-up

We’re here for the art (as you know) and, as such, have recently launched artwork spotlights on Twitter curated by the Artifex family. 

Chewy Stoll is regularly diving in to highlight art that has caught his eye. Check his latest feature of A Waiting Game by Declan:

We’ve also tapped our most dedicated community members to share what caught their eye.

Artifex collector, Darth Jotaro, offered this curated look at Dark Dominion by gawswolf: 

Artifex Spotlights artist, JeyRam, highlighted The Night Willow by ahad:

Stay tuned for more incredible artwork and discussions!

In other Artist Round-up news: 

  • CryptoCubes & Creators / The 7th features Artifex artists Blake Kathryn, BakaArts, and mbsjq (among others)
  • Chewy Stoll’s debut drop on Nifty Gateway was this week – congrats artist and all collectors!
  • Happy 300 to Justin Maller and FACETS II – we are approaching the close of the year of everydays from one of our favorite creators!
  • Skygolpe will be speaking at Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon, Portugal this summer
  • Roger Kilimanjaro shared a look at his  next collaboration with Infinite Objects.

Read the Round-up thread every Friday on Twitter and join us to chat all things art in our Discord server.