Coldie: Alotta Money – Decentral Eyes

December 07 2022

Alotta Money – Decentral Eyes

Coldie releases Alotta Money – Decentral Eyes, new 1/1 self portrait and 3D sculptures with Artifex!

Alotta Money – Decentral Eyes

1/1 Reserve price: 42 ETH

Coldie Artifex

Limited Editions: 0.2 ETH

Coldie is Decentral Eyes. That signature style is a metaphor for the artist himself, who embodies the history of blockchain and decentralization. He further dimensionalizes it via glasses, portraits, lenticular fine art, and more.

Be one of the first to collect a Coldie Artifex limited edition starting at 5:00 PM ET on Thursday, December 8th. Bidding on the 1/1 also opens at this time and follows the Coldie™ method (each increasing bid resets the clock to 24 hours). 

Artifex collectors also receive:

  1. 3D .glb file
  2. Turntable animation .mp4
  3. Avatar .jpg 
  4. Twitter banner .jpg
  5. AR filter .usdz 

All Artifex 3D sculptures are enabled for OnCyber virtual galleries and we continue exploring the frontiers of digital art experiences. 

You may notice the absence of Coldie’s Artifex Unreal world… that’s because it was just too massive to reveal right now. Be prepared for a big bang in 2023. Onward and upward, Artifam!