BT: The Lingering Pines

June 15 2023

BT releases ‘The Lingering Pines’, new self-scored cinematic 1/1 and ‘Antikythera’, 3D sculptures, with Artifex!

The Lingering Pines

1/1 Reserve price: 2.5 ETH

Antikythera – BT Artifex

Limited Editions: 0.05 ETH

Artifex Unreal immersive experience
Free to tour via pixel streaming 

Artifex had the privilege of building an immersive Unreal Engine world based on BT’s blockchain career milestones. He then scored a 1:00 cinematic representation with brand new audio! 

The central 3D object of our latest release is based upon an Antikythera, the world’s first analogue computer – a source of BT’s inspiration.

Artifex Collector Snapshots

On Monday of next week Artifex snapshots its collector base for two reasons:

  1. BT Bonus Sculptures

While building the immersive experience, three additional “gem” sculptures were created, each based upon a phase of BT’s blockchain history. 

Pulling from a snapshot of BT sculpture collectors, the following will be given away at random:

  • 1 Gem 3D based on his Genesis.json release
  • 3 Gem 3Ds based on his Metaversal release
  • 6 Gem 3Ds based on his Orbs release
  1. Artifex x OnCyber 3D Gallery

All Artifex collectors will also be snapshotted and have free and sole access to claiming a newly created OnCyber gallery designed for 3D inclusion. We can’t wait to see how you use it!

Be one of the first to collect a BT Artifex limited edition starting at 5:00 PM ET on 15 June 2023. Bidding on the 1/1 also opens at this time and follows the Coldie™ method (each increasing bid resets the clock to 24 hours). 

Artifex collectors always receive:

  1. 3D .glb file
  2. Turntable animation .mp4
  3. Avatar .jpg 
  4. Twitter banner .jpg
  5. AR filter .usdz 

As always, the best place to stay connected with the team during release week is in Artifex Discord.

Onward and upward, Artifam!