Artist Round-up

April 03 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) xsullo; Baka Arts; Billelis; Justin Maller; Aeforia & laliett

Artist Round-up

Roger Dickerman presented the CODAworx summit closing keynote in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA last week. The keynote, presented to an audience of artists and change-makers in the fine art space, focused on the multi-directional NFT bridge that exists between digital and physical.

The Artifex mission of a historical time capsule, smart contracts and “permanence” was shared, along with 3D modeling, immersive exhibits, and the NYC takeover.

Key Points from #CODAsummit

  • Micah Johnson has innovated with the character and mission of Aku Dreams, as well as blazed trails with his own fine art exhibits in LA and beyond.
  • Peter Mohrbacher’s Angelarium IP and its expression across physical and digital is well worth exploring to grasp the possibilities that the technology presents.
  • Dave Krugman blurred the lines between “real world” and generative traits with his Drip Drop photography series.
  • ThankYouX is a perfect example of merging physical and digital art, first alongside photography by J.N. Silva, and most recently with State of the ART, offering digital collectability and merging of physical canvas segments.
  • Buscando América explores the creation of a Web3 ecosystem around crowdsourced film-making with the brilliant J.N. Silva and NELO. 

See the entire presentation here

Artist Round-up News: 

  • Bryan Brinkman and Dave Krugman editions (including thier Artifex 3D sculptures) can now be found on! Escher is a platform curating the most sought after editions from artists shaping the digital art movement.
  • The Animus Key Card, which offers access to the collective’s allow lists, incredible events and exclusive merch, is officially here!
  • Le Anime from toomuchlag and divalvi has debuted Le Emporium: collect visual attributes for your Hero NFT using Experience! The next level of gamified NFTs are here, folks!
  • Raf Grassetti and the God of War Ragnarok team continue to stack accolades for the landmark game: 6 more BAFTA awards won last week!

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