Artifex Unreal Sneak Peek

August 09 2021
It’s a celebration! 

This week we partied in Discord for the big reveal of our Wave 2 winners and upcoming Unreal Engine Art Interaction experience. 

Wave 2 Giveaways

We love giveaways and each week someone wins an Artifex 3D sculpture at the Artifex Weekly Download on our Discord server. The fun part is, the winners don’t know which sculpture they’ve won until the official Wave wrap party! 

The winners for Wave 2 are:

  1. @ChewyPixels wins Robbie Trevino
  2. @Lakoz wins Justin Maller
  3. @battori wins Filip Hodas
  4. @jeyramm wins mbsjq
  5. @andydunks85 wins skygolpe
  6. @parrott_ism wins Gavin Shapiro
  7. @ScottBorrero wins J.N. Silva
  8. @saintvines wins ThankYouX
  9. @mikestjean wins Peter Mohrbacher
  10. @compusophy wins Bakaarts

Three MORE reasons to celebrate! It was a momentous week for the Artifex family of artists and collectors! 

Three auctions kicked off and were settled:

  • Billelis’ original 1/1 artwork NFT, Who Am I?, was sold for 9.5 ETH
  • Skygolpe’s original 1/1 artwork, 15 min. of anonymity, sold for 9 ETH
  • Victor Mosquera’s original 1/1 artwork, ATOM, sold for 10 ETH

Congratulations to artists and collectors!

Discord Stickers

Also in Discord, we celebrate all of our artists and 3D sculptures with custom stickers! Check out the recent releases of Wave 1 and Wave 2 artworks and post your favorite. 

Artifex Unreal

The most unexpected and exciting part of the last Artifex party was the sneak peek of cutting edge developments fresh from our Art Interaction Directors, Justin Wetch and Chewy Stoll. They are building an immersive experience in Unreal Engine 5 which will unlock the true power of the 3D Artifex sculptures.

Check out the video:

Stay tuned for the massive ARTIFEX UNREAL reveal – think legendary, timeless, legacy!

Join us on Discord to join in all the fun, get the alpha, and party with the Artifex family!