Artifex Unreal Reveal with Chewy Stoll

November 04 2021

The day has finally arrived to reveal Artifex Unreal – a cinematic viewing experience that will revolutionize the way we experience digital art.

Step into a custom, immersive gallery designed by the artist to perfectly present their artwork exactly as intended.


Chewy Stoll

Meeting The Maker

1/1 reserve price: 5 ETH

3D Limited Edition sculptures: 0.1 ETH

1/1 bidding and one-hour lottery window for limited edition sculptures open at 5:00pm ET.

Chewy Stoll and Justin Wetch (co-collaborators of UPEKKHA) are the masterminds behind the Artifex Unreal streaming experience. Together, they head up the Artifex Art Interaction initiative. 

Soon, each Artifex artist will build a world around their artwork connected to each other by a network of portals. NFT collectors and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to commune with these incredible artworks in grand scale via mobile, web and in stunning virtual reality.

We couldn’t be more excited to finally share this epic development with you!


It’s been a very exciting few weeks all around. Two artists have since released and sold new 1/1 artworks!

Odious’ friends with the broken past sold to TastyBH following a spirited bidding war spanning several days. Only 13 odious 3D sculptures remain on primary.


ARC’s 1/1, manifest, was also collected by none other than odious just as his own Artifex release was about to go live. We love to see our artistic community supporting one another!

ARC 3D sculptures are now available to purchase on the primary market.

Join us today for Chewy Stoll’s reveal of Meeting The Maker in Artifex Unreal – the immersive NFT experience we have all been waiting for!