Artifex Sculpture Garden

February 04 2022

The Artifex Sculpture Garden is the genesis Artifex Experience. It unlocks a stunning, immersive art experience imagined by Artifex Art Director and talented world builder DurkatWork.

Sculpture Gardens are VR-ready and are a work of art themselves complete with immersive audio and lots of easter eggs. DurkatWork meticulously engineers each Artifex 3D piece to seamlessly travel the frontiers of the metaverse. 

53 (of 100) sculpture gardens were airdropped to Origins Gen0 and Gen1 holders. You can curate your own garden gallery with three Artifex 3D sculptures. This functionality will be available at the close of next week, after our next artist release. 

Sculpture Gardens will be activated at so you can get inside and explore! Artifex Founder, Roger Dickerman, says, “I like going through and behind the plants, then turning around, and looking into the main space.”

The remaining gardens will be made available for purchase to Artifex collectors first before being released to the open market. There may even be a chance to win one! 

Is 2022 the year of the metaverse asset? We are ready!