Artifex Round-up

May 12 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Maalavidaa; Fvckrender; Skygolpe; Kristy Glas; Baka Arts

Artifex Round-up

May is Mental Health Awareness month: we encourage everyone to infuse their timeline with more ART for the most soothing digital experience possible!

One project for which we are particularly stoked is the JOMO Effect (JOMO = JOY of missing out). Proceeds from this collection of 40 unique pieces will go to supporting non-profits providing mental health services. 

Collectors who mint get access to perks and exclusive wellness experiences with Peace Inside Live, TIMEPieces and Deepak Chopra/Seva Love.

‘The Habit of Leaving’ by Alycia Rainaud / Maalavidaa

In other Artist Round-up news: 

  • VeeCon is coming up next week and several Artifex family members will be in attendance, showing art, and speaking on panels;
  • Jonathan Wolfe announced an upcoming print claim for edition holders;
  • Roger Kilimanjaro’s latest set of Infinite Objects are now available; 
  • J.N. Silva has an event in NYC; Gavin Shapiro’s art is on exhibit in London; and skygolpe is the latest artist to be featured by Valuartdotcom Solo exhibitions (check out their recent interview here). 

Read the Artifex Round-up thread on Twitter to get all the details and join your fellow art enjoyers in Discord.