Artifex Round-up

April 21 2023
Pictured (clockwise from top right): ‘Afternoon Nap’ by Jonathan Wolfe; ‘Empire of One’ by Baka Arts; ‘Phases’ by Josh Pierce; ‘COF Edition #3’; ‘Offering Reveries’ by ThankYouX

It was a huge week for Artifex artists, highlighted by many new incredible artworks, deep diving interviews, surprise collabs and appearances.

It remains that art, innovation, technology can not, will not be stopped! Whether it’s at a conference, a gallery, or over a coffee, web3 marches on.

Empire of One by BakaArts

The NFT NYC recap from the community is that it was one of the best yet! The gathering was a testament to the depth of relationships sustained through a volatile market and the conviction of the builders who have steadfastly progressed.

Also to note: the migration to BlueSky has begun! Are we flying away from “The Bird App” to “The Cloud App” or simply adding another channel to our growing list of social feeds? One thing is certain: we are following the artists!

Noteworthy artwork this week:

  • ‘Offering Reveries’ by ThankYouX auction is live with a current bid of 100 ETH
  • ‘COF Edition #3’ – Layers curated by CARDELUCCI with contributions by Victor Mosquera, xsullo, and Reuben Wu (pictured below)
  • Empire of One‘ by BakaArts: new 1/1 artwork released on SuperRare 
  • ‘Phases’ announced by Josh Pierce: a multi-part release consisting of three open editions with the wide format combined work (below) available to collectors who burn the OEs collected in phase 1 

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