Artifex on Tour – Next Stop: Vancouver

May 14 2021

Following on the excitement of the Artifex NYC Takeover, the next stop for the project was Vancouver, B.C. Canada!

Artifex artworks were displayed throughout downtown Vancouver on twenty digital towers. Ten movie premiere style digital posters featured the artwork of the artists who make up the first wave of The Artifex Project: Family. 

The spontaneous installation previewing artist self portraits injected the Vancouver cityscape with color. The digital exhibition lasted a full 24 hours, beginning around 3:00pm PT on May 13, 2021. Pedestrians, public transit riders, and those driving through the city caught a glimpse of the vibrant works of art – a welcome punctuation to the otherwise normal daily commute. 

Major artists, Victor Mosquera and FVCKRENDER, who reside in the Vancouver area, surprised a few lucky enthusiasts when they made an appearance on the street! Artifex CEO, Roger Dickerman, was interviewed by Bloomberg. Local Vancouver news outlets asked for comments, as well as sent crews to cover the historic event.

This second Artifex event bringing NFTs and digital art to the forefront of a major metropolitan area specifically highlighted the ten artists that make up the first wave of the project, called Family. All waves feature self portraits created by top NFT artists. These original artworks will be offered in a limited 1/1 auction. Additionally, the Artifex is a 3D sculpture created by artist DurkatWork. The first will be auctioned in a limited 1/1 sale while the remaining will be produced as an edition of 100, 67 of which will be available for purchase. 

The Artifex Project seeks to establish long-term viability for the NFT market through intelligent contracts, putting the artists first, and reinforcing the foundation of this unique moment in the art world, which is all about community. Leading with Family makes perfect sense for this special time, revolutionary for artists and the art world as a whole. From New York City to Vancouver, B.C. and beyond, Artifex aims to preserve the legacy of the trailblazers in the NFT space and to encapsulate this electric time of evolution for artists and art lovers.