Artifex Marketplace Updates Coming Soon

March 15 2022

Exciting new functionality is coming to The Artifex Marketplace is getting an overhaul that will allow users to more easily view, analyze, and transact on the entire Artifex collection. Keep reading to learn about the key features that will launch in April.

Edition-specific pricing and data

Interested in a specific edition of that Tommy Wilson Artifex? The new Artifex Marketplace updates will display market data including last sale, price, availability, transaction history, and more, of a specific edition. Edition-specific functionality will display real-time data meaning the Artifex Marketplace is your only stop to get your hands on the piece and edition you want.

The Artifex Collection Dashboard

New to Artifex and can’t wait to get your hands on a piece? The enhanced Artifex Marketplace Dashboardwill gather key market stats from the collection and curate pieces with the lowest floor price, last sale, popular items and more. Get a sense of how the Artifex collection is performing in the market with a single, simple report.

Updated and Streamlined User Interface

Although we quietly released part of the updated Marketplace UI in early February, more changes are coming to help simplify the user experience of the Artifex Marketplace. We’ve designed a feature and data-rich marketplace that will easily allow you to get an overview of the entire Artifex collection, to a drill down view of a specific edition’s history and current market data. The browsing experience designed will be delightful, simple to use, quick, and intuitive.

All of these changes will be live in April, ahead of more monumental Artifex artist releases.

Over the next few months, we’re also refining the other aspects of our website to incorporate some of the new UI and design elements from the Marketplace to the rest of the site. Keep your eyes peeled as we reveal it all soon!