Artifex Community Art Challenge Awards 20 ETH to 5 Artists

May 01 2021

On April 27, 2021, The Artifex Project announced the Community Art Challenge on Twitter.

With the goal of empowering the artists of the NFT community, Artifex asked entrants to interpret the black and white logo in their own imaginative style. To enter, artists had to quote the contest tweet with a rough sketch, loose concept, or description of how they envisioned the reimagined logo. Five winners would be chosen, each receiving an equal share of the prize pot of 20 ETH.

To match the lightning pace of the Cryptocurrency world, artists had less than 48 hours to submit their idea! Almost immediately, the Twitterverse was abuzz with artists asking questions, posting concept images, and enthusiasts sharing the contest with their favorite creators. 

Artifex founder, Roger Dickerman, along with featured artists from the project, and avid NFT collectors gathered together for three Clubhouse chats within the timeframe of the contest. At these chats, more detail was shared about the Community Art Challenge, The Artifex Project, and some of the artist’s entries were reviewed in real time. A few of the contest participants joined the live conversations to discuss their artistic direction and process. 

Over 60 submissions were entered and a panel of Artifex collaborators and artists spent hours deliberating late into the night to select the finalists. Ultimately, the winning logos combined vibrant colors, multiple artistic methods, and spanned from augmented reality to photo-realism.

On the morning of April 30, 2021, the five winning logo designs were announced on Twitter. The winning artists are:

  • @arstories with an Augmented Reality piece bridging the digital and physical worlds.
  • @fesq_project brought a glowing, neon edged design bursting with electric energy.
  • @probcause created an imaginative, animated illustration alive with vibrant colors and depth.
  • @mry_art took us on a journey through a wide variety of styles with his video.
  • @vzewl’s golden grill gave the Artifex logo an edgy, urban feel.

A special exhibition of the winning artist logos has been curated by project partner, Rare Rooms. You can take a tour of the winning pieces here. Thank you to all of the incredible artists who entered the Community Art Challenge!