Artifex Artist Round-up

June 02 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) ThankYouX; Justin Maller; Coldie; Billelis; Jason Ebeyer

Artifex Artist Round-up

Another interesting week in the space – as always! Despite a lot of questionable moves, we are focusing on the art. We’ve seen more and more artists bring their digital creations to life and we are SO here for it:

Jason Ebeyer has just released ‘Archetype I & II’; larger versions of his sculpted heads in a gorgeous colorway inspired by a beetle. This new object comes on the heels of the celebrated release of his sculpture, ‘Devotion’. 

Billelis is gearing up for the print release of ‘Medusa’ and the craftsmanship looks just incredible. This one is going to look incredible framed for a home gallery. 

Chewy Stoll is also having fun experimenting with 3D printing. He teased this look (above) at an early concept derived from his digital work. 

Finally, we got a taste of ‘OneExposure//’, a collaboration between Fvckrender and GuyNorCal. The video teaser is already epic and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next! 

In other Artist Round-up news: 

  • Raf Grassetti has announced he will be joining the Netflix team to help build their first video game;
  • ThankYouX’ ‘Urge for Perfection’ (pictured above) has successfully landed after it’s trip to space;
  • Coldie’s incredible artwork ‘Flow State’ sold out and the entire ‘Transcendence’ collection he has curated for is totally worth exploring.

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