Art Round-up

April 28 2023

April has been a huge month for the space with several incredible artworks created and collected, plus a number of exciting web3 get-togethers. 

This week the community gathered in Austin, TX for CoinDesk’s Consensus 2023. Among the panelists were Bryan Brinkman, J.N. Silva, Dave Krugman, ThankYouX and more artists / builders leading the way. 

Dark Gravity by Dave Krugman

Inspired by the innovation and creativity of this dynamic space, Team Artifex is launching curatorial spotlights. Chewy Stoll, Art Interaction Director and Artifex Core 100 artist, kicked it off for us highlighting Anatomy of Destruction by Antpantone.  

New artwork from the Artifex family: 

  • Back-to-back releases for Baeige who just dropped her first 1/1 artwork of the year: ‘Sunken Sanctuary’ (pictured above)
  • New artwork rewards for odiville players have been revealed by odious. Check out ‘cyclone’ (pictured below)

Read the entire Artist Round-up thread here and come back for a new one each week!