3D Gallery Claim Live

June 30 2023
Pictured: (clockwise from top right) Kristy Glas, Justin Maller, Tommy WIlson, Mad Dog Jones x Lvcidia, Gavin Shapiro

The Artifex 3D Gallery is claimable for all collectors via OnCyber. 

Click here to claim and curate yours.

We would love to see how creative you get with this space, designed with 3D sculptures in mind. Share yours and tag us on Twitter!

The Future: Botto

Simon Hudson headlines the fifth episode of The Future of Art (live now). In this fascinating conversation, he and RD dive deep into the worlds of art, artificial intelligence and community alignment. They discuss the Botto Project and the artwork from this Decentralized Autonomous Artist (DAA). 

Simon says, “AI is this new medium that is able to … touch on these entirely new feelings we’ve never felt before. And to me, it was this … touchpoint of realizing more broadly that’s what art is for me: anything that gets me to feel something entirely new. 

Sometimes it can be something familiar, but in that moment, I might be thinking about work, I might be thinking about …whatever, and it just pulls me out, and in that moment, I’m feeling something entirely new and different.”

Future of Art – 5 is derived from Botto’s recent artwork, Enigmatic Illumination. The 3D sculpture will be airdropped to Simon and listeners of Future of Art LIVE claimed the POAP this week.

We had great fun chatting live with Simon (catch the replay on Twitter). We’ll be back this and every Thursday at 1pm EST. Hop up on stage and join the conversation!

The Future of Art podcast, powered by Artifex, is officially published on all major platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can also listen on YouTube.

Embed tweet: https://twitter.com/bottoproject/status/1672303713405349889?s=20

Highlights of the week: 

  • Aku Dreams announced huge partnerships with Beats by Dre and Starbucks;
  • Check out the latest episode of Shipwrecked featuring Defaced and RD;
  • Mad Dog Jones x Lvcidia premint is complete – congrats to all collectors who signed up! Mint is today at 5pm ET.

Onward and upward, art fam!