3 DIMENSIONAL Lvcidia Experience

December 18 2023
Top to bottom: Galactic Grail – David Ariew; Checkerboard Sea – Hayden Clay; To Say Goodbye – Stuz0r

3 Dimensional, the 5th Lvcidia Experience curated by Artifex is here! 

David Ariew (AKA Octane Jesus), Hayden Clay, and Stuz0r are the featured artists of Experience 005. Each a master in their own right, this collection of universally resonant, immersive artwork highlights the true potential of the 3D medium to transport us into transformative, visionary worlds.

The artwork from the collection is viewable now at https://lvcidia.xyz/experiences/3-dimensional/.

Still from Galactic Grail by David Ariew

3 Dimensional

Galactic Grail by David Ariew
To Say Goodbye by Stuz0r
Checkerboard Sea by Hayden Clay

Each of the three artworks is an edition of 15

Still from To Say Goodbye – Stuz0r

3 Dimensional Drop Mechanics

Mint the “3 Dimensional Pack” to receive one artwork at random

Price 0.0969 ETH
Limit 3 per wallet

Artifex collectors, Fvck_Crystal NFT holders, and the artists’ selected collectors are on the allowlist.

2 PM EST – Allowlist mint
4 PM EST – Public mint
6 PM EST – Artwork reveal

Mint here

Still from Checkerboard Sea – Hayden Clay

None of these artists’ style is quite like the other, and yet there’s a universality to the emotions they capture. The worlds they create ask you to be present within them, if only for a moment. Simply scrolling past the work is doing yourself a disservice listening to their stories lends a new dimensionality to their work. Take a moment, and let yourself drift away in the current they’ve created. The process is often meditative, revealing, and even healing.