24 Hours of Art: The Mint

January 18 2024
ART inspired by Panorama – Tommy Wilson

24 Hours of Art is a daily, independent report covering the digital art medium and blockchain marketplace. Since mid-2023, 24 Hours has evolved to an everyday practice for Artifex Founder, Roger Dickerman.

Published daily at 24hoursof.art, the report features digital art headlines, market highlights, and analysis from across the web3 community. Highlights from cross-chain fine art collections, 1/1, 1/1/X, and edition sales are covered and updated throughout the day on X by RD. 

INSPIRE – mbsjq

366 ART Token Collectors

In partnership with Transient Labs, a 366 edition 2024 collection has launched with two focal points:

  1. Art
    Dynamic 1/1/366 collection that begins as a unique date, evolves based on that day in art, and evolves again after the entire year in art concludes
  2. Information:
    Collectors access a private Telegram group, upgraded reports, weekly show, and have Story Inscription capabilities to add context to minted tokens

Access the mint here

Dave Krugman’s Drip Drop-inspired ART – Justin Wetch

24 Hours of Art: Token Updates

24 Hours of Art includes group and information access, plus another token transformation after the year concludes…only for those that dive deep! 

We have already experienced several thrilling reveals. 2023 ended with 24 Honorary tokens airdropped to the artists, collectors, and builders who have supported the foundation of 24 Hours of Art since its inception. 

Additionally, three surprise 1/1/366 token states have been activated in 2024 for three new collectors:

  • Die With The Most Likes
  • Punk 6529 
  • Cozomo de’Medici

Each now possesses an additional ART form which can be selected to view, plus offers the flexibility to toggle between the initial unrevealed (black monochrome) state, and the eventual revealed state (activated on the date their respective minted token represents).

24 Hours of Art: The first 15 of 2024

Artist ART Homages

As a bonus to the official art reveals born from the the daily 24 Hours of Art report data (created through a process perfected by Artifex Interactive Art Director, Justin Wetch), a number of artists have been inspired to create their ideal version of ART. 

To our delight and surprise, Tommy Wilson, mbsjq, and ThankYouX released works coinciding with launch. Dave Krugman’s Drip Drop collection inspired another variant commemorating the artist’s support pledged by becoming a 24 Hours of Art collector. Die With The Most Likes released good meat and the piece subsequently became a bonus token state awarded to a lucky collector holding tokens from both 24 Hours of Art and beef brothkos. A world of possibility has opened through the innovative community and advancement in smart contract technology thanks to Transient Labs.

The Future of Art
Hafftka: Obstinance, Flow, and LFG – episode 26 is live now!

The Future of Art, hosted by Artifex, is a podcast accessible everywhere. It focuses on the artists, builders, and collectors moving digital art into its future. Conversations are longform, lively discussions and have included Alpha Centauri Kid, Ayla El-Moussa, Patrick Amadon, and more.

Check it out wherever you consume podcasts and on our YouTube channel.