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Released April 1, 2022
Raf Grassetti


One must fight for your beliefs and overcome your battles. This piece calls back to previous work with great meaning called “Lady Justice”, where we must protect the next generation, reveal the truth about old ways, and move forward with the right intent. The snake symbolizes protection against evil over a dagger of justice and triumph.

Artifex 1/1 auctions follow the Coldie Method™. Once the reserve price is met a 24-hour countdown begins. New bids add 24 more hours to the clock.

Artifex 1/1 collectors also receive the artist's 3D sculpture NFT complimentary!

Each 3D Includes:
  • RareRooms virtual display gallery

    Automatically available upon purchase by visiting RareRooms.io Holds 5 artworks and 5 3D objects, accessible on mobile, web, and VR

  • Collector goodie bag

    Includes a 3D .glb file, turntable animation .mp4, and alternate-look avatar .jpg with more goodies in the works! Connect your wallet and visit your collection for instant access.

About Raf Grassetti
Raf Grassetti is a sculptor of digital stone. Creating at the intersection of high end craft and concept, he has immortalized a diverse collection of fine art, characters and memes.

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